Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Week 3 already!!!

Wow, I am into week 3 of the USN Body and Lifestyle Challenge already! Time flies when I am focused on doing what I love. I’m putting everything I have into this, training hard, resting up with early nights, prepping food, researching different training methods and nutritional strategies and doing my day job so I can pay for my Personal Trainer.

Literally all my thoughts and energy are going into me changing my lifestyle to make me the best I can possibly be in 12 weeks. And it won’t stop when the challenge is over either!! I’m looking into a career change so I can return to personal training more, develop my skills and gain more qualifications. The challenge has already cemented the fact that my true passion is health and fitness, and working in the industry would make the last 5 years of hard work and struggles worth every minute.

I have a lot of plans for the future, and this challenge is making me become more confident and determined to make them become a reality. This is where the hard work and dedication really begins and boy am I ready for it.

I have used USN products since I really started training properly and learning more about supplements, and I’m really happy with the results they have produced so far. These supplements, combined with proper nutrition, solid training and a new found determination from entering the challenge that could be life changing, has resulted in some great gains!

Here’s a quick overview of some developments since starting the challenge to the end of week 2:
·         Weight: Increased 1kg

·         Thigh: Increased 2cm

·         Upper Arm: Increased 1.5cm

·         Bodyfat %: Decreased 1% (very happy with this considering I am bulking)

So as you can see, USN products really do bring about great results, and I am even more excited to see the changes over the rest of the challenge.

Bring it on :) !!!!

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