Friday, 26 October 2012

When rest is good!!

Happy Friday!!

Week 6 of the challenge is coming to an end, and it's been a great one. Despite suffering from crazy DOMS, tiredness and near burn out, I've made some massive steps forward (for me) and progressed well again.
The main positive was recognising that my body genuinely needed a rest mid week, and I honoured that. With a bit of persuasion from my trainer (who is keeping an eye on me over doing it again) I took Wednesday as a rest day. I had a busy day at work but spent the evening resting up, sleeping and filling up the tank with nutritious food ready to hit the gym again on Thursday.

Guess what?.....It worked!! :)

I woke up feeling fresh and had one of my strongest sessions of the challenge. For the remaining 2 weeks of this bulk phase I will be continuing to take 2 days rest per week as outlined in my new plan of action. One day mid week and one day at the weekend.

Hopefully this will give my body chance to recover and grow!!

Enjoy your weekends :)

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