Thursday, 11 October 2012

Going out in Style

Today marked the final training session on my current program with my Personal Trainer, and it was done in style :)

Last week when i did this set of complexes was the day I had the world on my shoulders and hit that dreaded stumbling block - I was determined that today was not going to be a repeat of that!!
I prepped well, getting a good early nights sleep and fuelled up before heading to the studio. Everything seemed to click, I was feeling fit and strong and the weights went up. It felt worlds apart from the previous week and I left the session one happy girl.  I think this just shows how amazingly powerful the mind is. Obviously there were other factors to my increased performance but what was mostly responsible was my mentality going into this session, and how my trainer motivated me and kept me focussed throughout. Today I was strong and ready to finish this 4 week phase on a high note.

Since playing around with my nutrition/macronutrients on Monday, I feel like I have had much more energy (even after a hectic week), been stronger and progressed well all week. This highlights the importance of adequate, good quality nutrition when training and pushing yourself hard day in day out is your top priority.
Hitting my requirements for building muscle and recovering well has been made so much easier by using USN supplements, and the recent addition of Muscle Fuel STS is providing some great results (double bonus as both the chocolate and vanilla taste BEAUTIFUL).

Once again, thanks to USN, their team and all their athletes for the support along the way, and for not only providing top class supplements, but also the opportunity of this challenge - It's seriously life changing.

Now bring on next week when the new program begins - sounds like it's going to be hard work and I can't wait!!

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