The Story So Far

Growing up I never stopped. I was always the child who was into everything and that continued with me as I grew up. Sport was the only thing I ever really loved, from playing Hockey for my county, to Netball, Horse Riding, Football – you named it I tried it.

About 5-6 years ago things didn’t look so great, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and had to leave University to get treatment. It wasn’t successful – I checked myself into a private hospital to try and get the much needed weight on but as soon as I left the downward spiral started again, to the point where 3 years ago I was told by the doctors that if I didn’t start eating I wouldn’t be around much longer. This was the turning point for me, I am a very dedicated person who stays true to her word, I was going to recover, no matter how hard it was going to be; I had set myself a challenge. I can honestly say that following year was the hardest, worst experience of my life – this is a mental health disorder, so going against what you thought was logical to beat the anorexic thoughts was a daily battle.

After 1 year I had gained some much needed weight but was still not healthy – I started training a bit and caught the bug again – fitness is what I am passionate about and I was able to pursue it again. I worked hard over the next year and gained my Personal Training Certificate and started working as a Trainer in my local gym. Running my own business at this point was one step too far, the financial uncertainty didn’t sit well with me so I continued to train the odd clients alongside a salaried job.

In the last 4 months I have started training with a Personal Trainer who I got to know at the Gym, and since training with him everything clicked. He understands and has the same opinion as me that bulking with clean foods is the way to go – no need to force feed the pizza’s and burger’s (although occasionally we do all love them) and has a structured methodical way to my training plan, documenting everything from each session. My progress with him in these 4 months has been incredible!! I couldn’t have done it without him. I gained to a healthy weight and am a completely different person from the girls only a few years ago.

I have entered this challenge to really focus on building more lean muscle and hopefully getting more contacts in the Fitness world – I have some big aims for this coming year and am excited at the amazing opportunity USN are offering – it will be that final lifestyle change I need to say goodbye to this eating disorder for good!!


  1. Inspiring stuff - glad to read the fitness bug pulled you back from the brink. Keep up the good work, looking forward to watching how you develop and what the future holds!

    1. Thanks, it's not been an easy ride but definitely been worth the hard times. Excited for the future - the hard work really starts now :)