Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rooboard Review

Hey :)

Todays post is going to be a product review.

A few weeks ago I was contacted on twitter my a gentleman called Mason who asked if I would like to test his Rooboards out. Sounded great to me, and I agreed to give it a go!

I came home from work a couple of days after to find a neat little package that was packed with my Rooboard. I opened it up and my first impressions were great...It was light and compact which would be perfect for taking to the gym; and didn't look like the usual bland coloured 'balance boards' you would usually see.

After a quick look on the website at the vast amount of exercises you can use the Rooboard for, I decided to try out the core exercises for a week and see how it worked. It's gooood!!
Due to the instability you can really feel it working the smaller accessory muscles and the tell tale signs on the dreaded Abs doms the following day confirmed it provides a damn good core workout :)

So far I have only used it on core work, but I am going to try it on one of my Sports Therapy clients who is currently in rehab after he damaged his ankle playing Rugby. I think it will help work on his proprioception and allow him to begin to get more stability in his ankle joint, reducing the chances of injury re-occurrence.

I definitely suggest you take a look at the website here so you can see more about the Rooboard and how it could be used to help some of you fitness/rehab goals.

A handy piece of kit I will continue to use.
Thank you Mason for allowing me to test out the Rooboard!!

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