Sunday, 7 October 2012

Facing Fears

Happy Sunday :)

What a week again!! And another one that has flown by. I am still loving the USN Challenge, and really working hard to do all that I can to acheive the goals I have set of increasing lean muscle, and making myself a healthier person not only physically, but mentally too.

This week I addressed a long standing food fear, stemming back to the worst days of my eating disorder, which is red meat. I know red meat has huge amount of benefits and needs to be incorporated into my nutrition plan to ensure I get a varied diet, but until now I've stuck to eating within my comfort zone - potentially reducing my chances of building decent muscle.
Not any more! As of yesterday I will be including red meat twice per week - I am determined to get rid of any fears that could hold me back from acheiving my dreams.

I'd like to thank Melinda from the USN Team for her advice. I used it to back up my own research and the advice from my Personal Trainer to quieten any disordered doubts in my mind.
After having my first Steak in 5 years!! I am very happy to be including it in my diet from now on. It was delicious and devoured in no time :) - It left me asking "why have I not eaten this for so long?!"

I believe that magic happens outside of your comfort zone. More and more often I am pushing myself out of mine. This challenge has been the catalyst for this new drive, and long may it continue.

So, here's to the next week - new challenges, making our comfort zones bigger, and making ourselves the best we can be!!!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your progress through the 12 week challenge,
    I am on Week 3 and will definitely be referring back to your blog!

    Thank you again and congratulations!