Friday, 5 October 2012

Vanilla-Coconut Casein Pudding

When I was devouring my pre-bedtime meal last night and appreciating how amazing it tasted I knew it was one I wanted to share on the blog. I have this very same thing every night (creature of habit that I am) just adjusting the Macro’s to meet either bulking, cutting or maintenance requirements.

This version is what I have when bulking. It contains just 3 ingredients and fits the bill of being clean, nutritious and tasty – Bonus!

Serves 1
·         2 scoop serving Vanilla USN Premium Casein
·         100ml Coconut Milk (I found a pure coconut milk from a Chinese market but canned works as well)
·         20-30g Ground Oats

Simply put the ingredients in a shaker, add about 50ml water (more if you prefer a thinner consistency), shake it up and transfer into a bowl.

Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hrs for the pudding to thicken up a bit more, then dig in!!

You will get a mousse like pudding that will keep you fuelled through the night, allowing your body to do its thing and repair those hard worked muscles.

Again, thanks to USN for developing a super tasty Casein!

Enjoy :)

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