Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fight against negatives

Happy hump day everyone!

I haven't posted much this week. It's been a harder one, and I have had to really focus and pull out all the stops but it's been worth every bit of grit I have dedicated to get through it - and you know what? I am happy with how I have reacted to the event that NEARLY made me waver.

At the weekend what I thought was a good friend asked why I was training so hard, why I wanted to build more muscle and have an athletic physique (it's apparently not nice!) and why on earth was I entering a challenge against countless others to be an ambassador for the brand I love, and why did I want to live a life of fitness instead of going out and having fun getting drunk every weekend? According to her it's pointless because I'm never going to make it, and living how I do at my age is plain weird!!

Lets just say this took me by suprise! It hit me hard. Why would a friend be questioning me like this? Am I being unrealistic and living with my head in the clouds? It upset me and knocked my confidence a lot. I have never forced what I am doing on anyone. I will offer help and advice but never tell someone what they should or shouldn't be doing. I have just set myself a goal, and got on working hard, day in day out, and giving my all to this challenge - I can honestly say I have never worked so hard for something before, and am loving every minute of it, learning more and developing an amazing new lifestyle and outlook.

Before I started this challenge, these comments would have probably made me give up, worrying that what I was doing/wanted to acheive wasn't right. BUT, who's to say what is right or wrong - the way I am choosing to live my life (not just now but for the rest of my life) is totally up to me, it's my choice and I don't see anything wrong with that.
It's not a sacrifice for me to skip things like drinking alcohol, staying out late every night and eating junk food; it's my choice not to do that because really, I don't want that. And I'm not going to judge anyone who does want that lifestyle because that's their choice. Maybe one day i could inspire someone to change such habits and follow a fit life?

So, although my initial reaction was 'what if she's right?', my gut reaction was 'I believe in my choices, this is what i want and I'm going to work even harder to make it happen'.
What a turning point for me: not only am I working hard and getting physically stronger, I am making vast improvements to my mental strength -- having the confidence that I am doing what is right for me, and not living by other peoples standards or beliefs.

Luckily I have a great support network around me and a lot of inpsiring athletes from Team USN offering guidance and encouragement.
There's my family, who have fought through the dark times of the past with me and are supportive in every way possible.
Friends, who understand how much this means to me and understand that training and nutrition come first for me (one even making sure the menu at her birthday dinner in a few weeks was going to have something suitable for me!).
And a Personal Trainer who also knows the worth of this challenge to me, is there picking me up and motivating me when I've been hit by a drainer, and pushing me beyond where I thought my body could go.

Needless to say, the negative individual has been sidelined, but I would like to thank her. She made me realise just how much I want to continue down this path of fitness and change my lifestyle for the better, and I'm not giving up.
So thank you for making me a little bit stronger than I was yesterday!

"There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be misakes. But with hard work...there are no limits" - Michael Phelps


  1. Getting the same reaction from some of my friends. However, one was impressed and tried training with me. Now she's the one asking if I can do *extra* sessions because she loves it so much. I think until someone tries it themselves they won't understand. Just let them have their junk food and booze and you continue to feel fabulous and get up for your Saturday morning training sessions while they waste a day of their life in bed fighting a hangover and drunken poke of chips.

    1. That's great your friend has started to join you :)
      I've learnt that it's important to follow your own path and do what is right for you. Not everyone is the same! How do you deal with negative reactions from your friends?

  2. Well it's been mostly male friends who have been negative towards me, so I just say something cheeky back to them along the lines of " Worried I'll be able to bench more than you?". I could be wrong, but I just imagine that everyone who is negative about it hasn't had the guts to challenge themselves yet for fear of failure, and being negative to me makes them feel a bit better about that. But like you, there is the odd crappy day that it can cut a little deeper. Buuuuutttttt you repair stronger than before, right :D