Monday, 5 November 2012

The USN Influence

Here we go, week 8 of the challenge!!! It's unbelievable how much this is changing my life, I'm like a whole new person :)

It's not just been the last few months when USN have had an impact on my life - it stems back to the illusive BodyPower Expo earlier this year in Birmingham.

At the time I was struggling. Physically I had go to a weight that I felt was 'safe' (still underweight). I was overdoing the cardio, and under eating massively again. I had just started to get into weight lifting but obviously as I was not fuelling myself properly, no progress was being made.
Mentally I was slipping, heading back down a path I didn't want to go back down, but struggling to move forward.

Until THAT day.

I travelled down to Birmingham with two friends, excited to feel the buzz of BodyPower. What greeted me as soon as I walked through the doors? A huge USN booth with Jenny Pacey on the stand giving out advice, and the impressive figures of Ryan Terry and Dave Titterton with crowds around them.

Highlight of my day :) both super friendly guys!
From that moment I knew I had to move forward. If i was ever going to live the fitness life I wanted so much, I had to take action - stop talking, start doing!
Seeing those Athletes was the best thing that could have happened. They inspired me then and still do now, and sparked my biggest goal of all - One day i want to be representing USN on that booth!
After that weekend I went home, cancelled my plans to move out from home and put my money into something more important, hiring a new Personal Trainer, who I still train with 3 times per week now.
We clicked immediately and I put my trust in him, following what he suggested in terms of calorie and carb consumption (fearful stuff at the time) and training (more lifting, less running).
I set myself a goal for 3 months, to build strength and confidence. It was difficult - mainly dealing with the 'fat' feelings etc, that come along with battling an eating disordered mindset and bulking - but I kept focusing on the image of BodyPower and my ultimate goal.
After those 3months were up I had made great progress but had only just begun!! I had the bug and researched everything (and still do) about training and nutrition. I'd reached a place physically and mentally where I could sign up to the USN challenge and be able to tackle what ever it threw at me and could put everything into it.
And here I am now, at week 8, developing, learning and growing every day, with no intention of stopping and every intention of working even harder to make my dreams a reality!
Thanks again USN!!
"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" 

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