Friday, 30 November 2012

What's Next?

So… the other day my mum was asked a question that made me realise she may not fully understand why I train like I do, and that I am not only training and eating like I am for this 12 weeks.

She asked

“Will you slow down and take time off after the challenge is done?"

I replied (with a smile)

“Well Sunday is my rest day, but I’ll be in with Jord (my PT) again on Monday to start the plan for the next goal”

Training hard and clean eating is part of my life now; I missed out on it for so long that now I am only just starting out on my true fitness journey and I’m pretty excited about the future!!

There is sooo much that I still want to try, area’s that I want to develop, and lets not be naïve here – once I have achieved one thing there will be something else I want to work on – that’s how you grow, learn and keep evolving.

What does 2013 have in store? Some BIG plans!!!

Once I have completed this challenge I will be putting plans into motion for an 8 hour CrossFit Endurance Challenge for charity, and will be joined by my fellow Spartan Warrior Terri :)

For a long time I’ve wanted to do an event for charity but haven’t been in the right place to do something so challenging and I really wanted to do something different to the usual marathons etc.

If things go to plan it will be happening in June; giving us 6 months to train, raise awareness and money and hopefully get support from organisations to really make it a big event.


I’ve chosen to do the challenge for BEAT (an eating disorder charity), mainly to raise awareness of eating disorders, to show people that you can overcome the illness, and to highlight how it was fitness that really helped me(and Terri)  fully recover from Anorexia. 

I also want to try and reduce some of the negative viewpoints of sports supplements, as I feel they have received a lot of bad press recently. These sports supplements have helped me massively in building my body up – there was a lot of damage done from the past 5 years, and without USN supplements helping me hit my nutrient goals, recover from intense training, and helping me build my body back up, the whole process would have been MUCH harder!

So that’s goal 1 – Goal 2 will be…..competing in Miss Galaxy Universe in Autumn.

After following Carly Thornton’s preparation for the stage recently, I was inspired to get on the stage myself.  The hard work and dedication that she put in each day to achieve the physique needed was amazing!

So after the CrossFit challenge I will be gunning for that stage. What is great about the Galaxy Universe show is that there’s a great support network of girls, and even better – A fitness element too!! I think after training to complete 8 hours of CrossFit, I might be in with a chance of beasting that section ;)

And yes, there are a few more goals too…

From a physical point of view I obviously want to keep building on all aspects, increasing lean muscle mass, but with particular focus on my rear delts, legs and of course my abs.

I want to continue improving my Athleticism, which I hope to do whilst training for CrossFit.

I want to continue building up a career in Fitness – helping others achieve their goals, work on developing recipes to produce a clean eats e-book and keep learning about different supplements and how they can benefit people with different goals to maximise their performance.

And the biggie – I want to continue working hard to be able to work for USN one day. Be it for the company internally or as an Ambassador/Hero. They are a company that I admire not only for their top class supplements, but their Body and Lifestyle Challenge has not only helped me change my life for the better, but countless others too and I would love to be a part of supporting others on their journey - Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

So there you have it, the plan for 2013. I guess to answer my mum’s question – No, I won’t be slowing down :)
(I will have a de-load week to get my body back in balance)

“A person can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”

“Don’t limit your challenges – Challenge you limits – It’s all about results”

Have a great weekend – I’ll be back on Sunday with an update and overview of this week.

It’s been a big learning curve!!

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