Friday, 9 November 2012


HAPPY FRIDAY - Who's ready for the weekend?!
I know I am :)

It's been a busy but amazing week again, and I absolutely love it. This post is going to be fairly brief (if I can stop myself from talking).

This has been the last week of my 'gaining' phase - I'm really pleased with my progress and development in the first 8 weeks, gaining lean mass with a reduction in body fat levels (big smiles). The next 4 week phase I had planned to follow a traditional 'cut' thinking that my gains in the first phase would have brought along a little fat but this hasn't been the case.

As of Tuesday this week, the planned phase has been getting to me. It's taken 5 months of solid eating and training to get my muscle mass to where it is now - starting to look more athletic - and I didn't want to jeopardise it by following a severe 'cut' as i lose weight extremely quickly.  After lots of deliberation, mind changing, and grumpiness (sorry mum) I talked it all through with my trainer and the lovely and very helpful Melinda at USN, and have decided to follow a carb cycle to help drop water and fat but retain as much muscle as possible.

Once the decision had been made and I had calculated my macro's for higher and lower carb days, I felt relaxed again and I'm confident that this is the right process for me.

I guess what I have learnt this week is that you have to do what is right for you! My goal is to be strong, fit and athletic, and at this stage a traditional 'cut' would not  be right for me. I am at the start of a long process of growing and developing my physique; I must trust my body and do what I know is right for it.
This challenge has been a significant turning point for me, and I want to look in the best shape I can for my final pictures.

So now is the time to keep going and trust the process! It's worked well so far and I know I have put everything I have into it, and will continue to do so - that drive and desire is never going to change.

I'll be back on Sunday to update you on my training and nutrition strategy - now it's time to go and get some rest - I have a big session planned for the morning :) can't wait!!

Here's to the next 4 weeks - It's all about results!

"Even the greatest was once a beginner - Don't be afraid to take the first step"

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