Sunday, 2 December 2012

Learning Curve

Happy Sunday

What a week this has been - talk about getting stressed (not good - cortisol - bad news)

So what happened?

I took some time to reflect on Thursday about what had made this week so different to the others. Things had been going great until Monday then everyday seemed to get a little bit harder until I finally broke on Thursday.

It wasn't exactly bad - although training on Wednesday was one of the hardest sessions I have ever had to get through (I was drained and my head was all over the place trying to figure out what was wrong) I still managed to increase the weights and was lifting more than when I was gaining! But something wasn't right and I felt rough.

After getting great results from Carb Cycling - getting leaner, maintaining muscle mass and seeing my abs come through; I got a bit over excited and decided to drop my carbs lower and was just going to have one carb re-feed at the end of the week - Never again!!!

This did not work for me at all - my training frequency and intensity needs to be fuelled with adequate carbs, as does my body, and i dropped to a silly level. It had the opposite effect to what I was getting with Carb Cycling, I was totally fried physically, lost the filled muscles and looked 'puffy'. This sent my mind into overdrive, worrying what was happening - I'd just ruined everything I had worked hard to get from one daft idea. As each day went by the worrying got worse, the fuel reduced and I was in a vicious little cycle - by Thursday everything was fried, physically and mentally I was drained.

So much so I was crazy emotional on Thursday so took the afternoon to relax and switch off from everything - I knew my body was shouting out for a break and some fuel, so I increased my carbs again and came up with a plan of action; to train once on Friday at a lower intensity, get to bed extra early and carb up on Saturday and train my circuit as usual.

It worked a treat :)

By Saturday afternoon I was back to normal - not stressed out, well fuelled and much happier in the gym again. I woke up today lean again with full muscles!!! Happy Days!!

So...this week has really been a massive learning curve for me - it's reiterated how important it is to:
  1. Listen to my body
  2. Stick to what is working
  3. Remember that because something works for one person doesn't mean it will work for me
  4. To eat according to my goals and training etc
  5. To never again cut most carbs out of my diet again!! The body doesn't like extremes
  6. Don't try and fix what isn't broken
Lucky for me I analyse everything, and if something isn't right I'll change it and this has saved me this week. After taking my measurements on Thursday I am sooo pleased I got back on track with the plan that was working because this morning my measurements are right where they should be.
Body fat down, and girth measurements showing that I've maintained muscle!!!

Hope you've all had a great weekend - I am now off work for a whole week - the longest break I've had all year, so I can focus everything on the FINAL week of the challenge!!

"Never a failure - Always a lesson"

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