Monday, 24 September 2012

Something about a challenge....

Happy Monday!!
Today was the start of week 2 of the challenge and I have kicked things up a notch. Todays training was a series of complexes :) and it was a nice sweaty session, increasing the weights on all exercises. I LOVE getting stronger!!!!

My Personal Trainer has also twigged how competitive I am and set a plank challenge a few weeks ago. Firsty I had to beat his 2 minute plank - easy done with a nice 2.26.
Last week it was on!! I had to beat my previous week and clocked in at 2.56. Sooo close to 3 minutes but didn't quite make it :(
Today I had to hit the 3 minute mark. It was going to be tough following the session I had just completed but I was focused and determined (something about a 12 week challenge that does that to a girl) My whole body was literally shaking, I stopped with the joking chatter and pushed on being encouraged all the time by my trainer.
Once I collapsed in a heap my time was announced.....3 minutes 7 seconds!!!! Whooop - felt like a champion.

All in all it was an awesome session, which always makes me happy for the rest of the day. Plus I got to refuel with a monster protein shake - 1 scoop Pistachio USN IGF-1, 60g ground oats and 1 banana :)))

What's your favourite way to refuel after a hard workout??


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